The most accurate, authentic flower meanings and flower sentiments online...including more than 600 flowers and plants.
Two Centuries of Romantic Tradition... Affairs of the Heart
Our purpose:
Create a dynamic new business using the amazing appeal
of Language of Flowers gifts and florals.
Larry Roof
Founders of the
"Language of Flowers" Project
Annette Hatley Roof

From the beginning, we knew that the mystique and appeal of Language of Flowers would reach into the center of commerce to generate profits that could support a commitment of 70% of profits for autism research and support for families caring for their special needs children.

Thank you for more than six million hits on over the past twelve months. Your support keeps us in first or second place on Google, Yahoo and Bing...very important for marketing! We anticipate major accomplishments in behalf of special needs children during 2014 & 2015... with the launch of our extraordinary “Language of Flowers” brand at “Licensing Expo 2014”(booth F52), Las Vegas, June 17th- 19th...over 15,000 attendees!

Ironically, over the past three years, we discovered how to stop our children's Epileptic seizures by non-medical intervention. This information is now available to every one at: Please help us spread the word! Caregiver intervention may improve the quality of life and possibly extend the lives of persons with Epilepsy.

And...Thanks to Vanessa Diffenbaugh's mesmerizing new The Language of Flowers novel, New York Times Best Seller List, you can be transported right into enchanting world of Victoria's language of flowers!

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