How much to spend on funeral flowers?

What is the normal cost for funeral flowers?

There are many variables that affect the cost of funeral flower arrangements. The type of arrangement, whether it is delivered to the home or church before the service, and how often you change out flowers (daily/weekly). Also, if you would like to include an urn, wreath or blanket; this will increase your costs.

For instance, a bouquet with one-day delivery ranges anywhere from $30-$90 depending on where you buy it and what type of flower (or filler) you choose. A weekly plan can range from $40 – $65. These prices are based on national averages provided by flower shops in various cities throughout the United States. Of course, some shops charge more and some charge less.

Funeral flower price: how how to spend?

Type of arrangement – Most funeral homes only allow flowers with certain types of metal stands (i.e., not silk). If you use your own stand this will get around that issue, plus you can get exactly what you want, instead of settling for something that is available to everyone. If you choose a tall standing spray it will cost more than a short nosegay. What time of year it is – According to Stacy James Stafford, owner/operator of Flowers by Design in West Palm Beach, Florida “Christmas is our busiest time of year by far! Not only do we have funerals for people who have passed away during the year-end holiday season but people are also sending sympathy flowers to the homes of their loved ones who have passed away during this time.” She goes on to say, “Valentine’s Day is another big day for us…it can be very busy and stressful at our shop!”

What type of flower you choose – There are many retailers that offer funeral flower arrangements that come with a set price per stem. This may not be what you want but it will save money in some cases. For example, carnations cost less than roses , which cost less than lilies . To find how much individual flowers or a specific arrangement costs try contacting florists – flowers tend to be seasonal – hence price changes.