What is the name of the group of flowers?

A group of flowers is usually referred to as a bunch, but when it is arranged in an attractive way – we call them bouquet.

Flower Group Names

Bunch of flowers is the most common term.

However, there are many other ways to name them, depending on what they are made up of. A group of edible flowers may be called a “flower arrangement” or “arrangement”. This type of floral decoration is sometimes referred to as an “artificial flower arrangement”. Composed mainly of non-floral material, it can also be termed an “imitation flower arrangement”, “floral sculpture”, or just simply a “sculpture”.

The word bouquet comes from French where it originally meant that the bunch was wrapped in green tissue paper before being delivered to its recipient. And since it’s usually hand-tied with lush ribbon and fragrance included – it’s hard not to like them.

For example, if the bunch is made of dahlia flowers (which are showy, cut flowers) – it would be called dahlia bouquet; or if the bunch had hellebores (which are small wildflowers with evergreen leaves), they would be an “evergreen bouquet”. To name a group of roses – “rose bouquet” is appropriate too. But whether there is one flower or several thousand in its composition – it will remain simply as “bunch of flowers” or “group of flowers”.

And you should never call your bunch an arrangement since it’s just wrong! Arrangement implies that things put together by someone else than the delivery boy.

There is a variety of artificial flower arrangements, but the most common ones are floral wreaths and garlands. A floral wreath is typically made up of evergreens (like holly, laurel, etc.) and is usually placed on doors; garlands are full of petals glued onto wire frames.

A flower bouquet is a popular gift for many occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or even funerals. You can also make one yourself with your favorite flowers from the garden or get it delivered to someone you care about! In any case – it will be simply gorgeous!